20+ Years Experience

Stephen Payte DSA Inspections, Inc. has over 20 years of experience and has worked in over 40 school districts. We have inspected well over one billion dollars in school construction.

Our inspectors can seamlessly integrate into your quality assurance program.



Quality Control

Our Documentation Process:

Proactive, Professional, Organized, and very Efficient.

Maintaining good working relationships with the construction team as well as the DSA inspector is an essential part of delivering a quality product in a timely manner.

Our inspectors realize that time is of the essence and that getting things right the first time is critical in preventing costly delays or setbacks.

Quality Assurance Meetings/Trainings

Upon request our Inspector can organize and lead Quality Control meetings highlighting current quality issues and identifying what to look for in upcoming phases. This information is valuable on a DSA project as it comes from the viewpoint of a DSA Inspector.

As the project progresses our inspectors can also prepare more in depth trainings to make your team aware of code as it specifically applies to each phase. If more eyes are keen to quality, deviations are handled before they become costly delays.

Inspector Relationship

An integral part of every project is creating a solid working relationship with the inspector. As DSA Inspectors ourselves, we can create rapport with the inspector on site based on our common experience. We maintain good communication lines and ask the proper questions to allow a project to move forward quickly and successfully.